Enhancing CRM Functionality for Co-op Dayton

Co-op Dayton Case Study
About the project
Freelanced Digital partnered with Co-op Dayton, a prominent community-focused organization in Dayton, Ohio, to revolutionize their Salesforce CRM system. Our collaboration aimed to boost their digital capabilities and community engagement effectiveness.
Project Goals
Our primary objective was to create a robust, digitally-powered community intake system, integrating dynamic intake forms seamlessly connected to their CRM. We also focused on strategically segmenting their contacts into distinct community subsets, enhancing Co-op Dayton’s outreach and impact.
Founded in 2016, Co-op Dayton dedicates itself to developing cooperative businesses addressing essential community needs, from fresh groceries to quality job opportunities. Their commitment lies in fostering jobs with dignity and empowering workers to build wealth through meaningful business contributions.
Connect with us
(410) 877-5548

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