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At Freelanced Digital, our team embodies a fusion of expertise, innovation, and a commitment to social good that translates into unparalleled value for our clients. Our consultants, celebrated for their seasoned skills, channel their extensive freelancing experience to craft tailored digital solutions that not only elevate our clients' online presence but also optimize their operational efficiencies and market impact.

OUR MISSIONLooking Beyond
The Possible

At Freelanced Digital, we embody the synergy of passion and purpose, where every project we undertake is a step towards a more connected and conscientious digital realm.


At the heart of the digital revolution lies Freelanced Digital, an innovative agency born from a vision to make a meaningful impact in the digital landscape. Founded in April 2022 by Dan Froehlich, following a revelatory sabbatical, our mission is simple yet profound: to offer a win-win-win proposition where consultants thrive, clients save, and communities benefit.


Our unique business model is built on the foundation of fairness and transparency. Consultants at Freelanced Digital receive a deserving half of all revenue, reflecting our respect for their expertise and the value they bring to our clients. This model ensures that our clients’ investments are directly channeled into quality workmanship, stretching every dollar further while fostering a culture of generosity.


Our ethos is grounded in the belief that people take precedence over profits. At Freelanced Digital, we stand by a commitment to not only deliver exceptional digital solutions but to also forge a path of social responsibility. We dedicate 5% of our revenue to charitable causes, ensuring that each project extends its impact beyond the confines of commerce.

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Do you have additional questions?

What can I expect in the initial consultation with Freelanced Digital?

In your initial consultation, we focus on understanding your specific needs and goals. This meeting is an opportunity for you to share your project vision and requirements, and for us to provide an overview of how we can help. We will discuss potential strategies, timelines, and any immediate questions you may have about our process.

How does Freelanced Digital ensure my project stays on track during development?

We employ an agile Scrum methodology, which allows for flexibility and regular updates. Every two weeks, we present you with the progress of your project, offering transparency and the opportunity for your feedback. This iterative process ensures that your project aligns with your vision and adapts to any changes promptly.

What happens after my project is launched?

Post-launch, our engagement doesn’t just end. We provide ongoing support which includes continuous server monitoring, fixing any bugs, and general client support to address your needs. This ensures that your project remains effective, efficient, and evolves with your business.

How does Freelanced Digital handle user testing and feedback?

User acceptance testing is a critical phase in our development process. We conduct thorough testing to ensure the software meets all specified requirements and provides a user-friendly experience. Your feedback during this phase is invaluable, as it helps us refine and perfect the final product before its official launch.

How are costs distributed?

Our consultants do the work, so they deserve to make the most money, 50% of all revenue. Making an impact in society is our mission, so we donate 5% to charity each month.

How are costs distributed?

Our consultants do the work, so they deserve to make the most money, 50% of all revenue. Making an impact in society is our mission, so we donate 5% to charity each month.

“Our mission is to redefine the digital landscape as a place where every click, every code, and every campaign enriches lives and upholds our commitment to people and progress. ”



Owner & Founder

OUR PROMISEYour money goes farther

Our consultants do the work, so they deserve to make the most money, half of all revenue.

5% of revenue is donated to our charity of the month.

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Dan Froehlich is the visionary founder and CEO of Freelanced Digital, a trailblazer in the digital marketing world. With a rich background in digital strategy and a passion for innovation, Dan has established himself as a leader who challenges the status quo. His journey into the realm of digital marketing began after recognizing the need for a more equitable and community-focused approach in the industry.


OUR KEY PEOPLEThe Team of True Professionals

At Freelanced Digital, our team's brilliance shines through their extensive experience and commitment. Our professional digital consultants are not just consultants; they are seasoned experts who have honed their skills working for global agencies and renowned brands. What sets them apart is their ability to bring this wealth of knowledge and experience directly to you.

Nick D’Addario

Salesforce configuration and management

Leona Brown

Amazon, site dev, automations, click funnels, Zapier, SOPs & templates

Nate Dillard

Digital Strategist, LunarX Agency

Zack Frink

PR, blog copywriting, site content

Michelle Huntley

Blog copywriting, site content

Sam Weinberger

PPC, paid social, display, reporting, analytics

Leroy Miller

Cyber security, disaster recovery, data migration, infrastructure

Caitlin Fikac

PPC, paid social, display, search reporting, analytics

Emma Delmontagne

Ad creative, ad copy, omnichannel management

Ben Johnson

Creative strategy, copywriting, site content

Nathan Huet

Demand-gen, lead-gen, LinkedIn ads, copywriting, webinar setup

Anandi Merchant

Reporting, analytics

Cole McDonnell

Logo design, rebranding

John Froehlich

Network engineering, technical setup

Jonathan Rudnicki

Senior PPC consultant
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