At Freelanced Digital, we excel in crafting tailored software solutions that cater to the unique needs of your business. Our approach is grounded in agility and innovation, ensuring that each project delivers a powerful and efficient tool for your enterprise. We believe in creating software that not only meets current demands but also adapts seamlessly to future challenges and opportunities.


SERVICE OFFERINGSOur Full Spectrum of Digital Services

Our team of experts specializes in developing solutions that enhance customer understanding and engagement. Whether it’s through sophisticated data analytics, user-friendly interfaces, or scalable architectures, we ensure that our software solutions provide valuable insights into customer behavior and market trends.

SEO & Paid Search:

Boost your online visibility and drive targeted traffic with our cutting-edge SEO and pay-per-click strategies.

Social Media Management:

Engage and grow your audience with compelling content across all major social platforms.

Content Creation & Copywriting:

Tell your brand’s story with captivating content and persuasive copywriting.

Digital Strategy Consulting:

Navigate the digital landscape with a clear and effective strategy tailored to your business goals.

Data Science & Analytics:

Uncover actionable insights from your data to inform business strategies and decisions.

E-commerce Solutions:

Optimize your online sales channels with our comprehensive e-commerce services.

Build Reliable Software For Your Business

Freelance Digital's Client Engagement Process

At Freelanced Digital, our client engagement process is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless and successful partnership. It begins with an initial consultation, where we dive into your unique requirements, followed by the formation of a specialized team to plan and execute your project. Using agile Scrum methodology, we foster an iterative development process, providing you with bi-weekly updates and incorporating your feedback for continuous improvement.

Software Development Process

Podcasting operational change management inside of workflows to establish a framework. Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

  • Book a Meeting
  • Understand Your Needs
  • Team Formation
  • Technical Planning
Development and Review

Development and Review

  • Iterative Development
  • Regular Updates
  • User Testing
  • Launch
Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Responsive Maintenance
  • Client Support
  • Engaging Demonstrations


Do you have additional questions?

What can I expect in the initial consultation with Freelanced Digital?

In your initial consultation, we focus on understanding your specific needs and goals. This meeting is an opportunity for you to share your project vision and requirements, and for us to provide an overview of how we can help. We will discuss potential strategies, timelines, and any immediate questions you may have about our process.

How does Freelanced Digital ensure my project stays on track during development?

We employ an agile Scrum methodology, which allows for flexibility and regular updates. Every two weeks, we present you with the progress of your project, offering transparency and the opportunity for your feedback. This iterative process ensures that your project aligns with your vision and adapts to any changes promptly.

What happens after my project is launched?

Post-launch, our engagement doesn’t just end. We provide ongoing support which includes continuous server monitoring, fixing any bugs, and general client support to address your needs. This ensures that your project remains effective, efficient, and evolves with your business.

How does Freelanced Digital handle user testing and feedback?

User acceptance testing is a critical phase in our development process. We conduct thorough testing to ensure the software meets all specified requirements and provides a user-friendly experience. Your feedback during this phase is invaluable, as it helps us refine and perfect the final product before its official launch.

How are costs distributed?

Our consultants do the work, so they deserve to make the most money, 50% of all revenue. Making an impact in society is our mission, so we donate 5% to charity each month.


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